Conventional Loans – Owasso

Conventional Loans – Owasso

An Overview of Owasso Conventional Loans

Before buying a home, it is important to understand which loan may be best for you. In this article, we will discuss and give an overview of Owasso conventional loans from the various factors that go into these loans. As always, feel free to give our team a call if you have any questions about these loans. You can reach us by dialing 918-274-1519 today.

It is important to understand how mortgage insurance affects conventional loans. The amount you pay for this insurance is dependent upon a number of different things. The most important variable that contributes to the amount you pay for mortgage insurance is your FICO score. Your FICO score will significantly affect the amount you pay. If you have a high FICO score, then the amount you pay for mortgage insurance will be lower. If you have a lower FICO score, then you’ll have to pay more for mortgage insurance because you will be more of a risk. The other things that it is dependent upon include a credit score, debit to income ratio, and loan to value ratio.

One of the best things about Owasso conventional loans is that if you put 20% down, you’ll not actually have to buy mortgage insurance. While this is difficult for many to do, it is very important if you want to reduce the overall cost to you will have to pay for insurance. Mortgage insurance is required if you’re not able to pay 20% down on the loan. It is difficult for some to put this significant sum of money down on a payment, but after saving enough money, you’ll be able to save even more money by not having to spend hard earned money on mortgage insurance.

Contact our team to strategize the best solution for you with your down payment. The first thing that’s important to remember is how conventional loans will affect mortgage insurance. If you have mortgage insurance, and your loan balance falls below 78% in the value of the property, than the mortgage insurance will terminate an end. Furthermore, if the loan reaches above the 80% mark, then it is actually required in the state of Oklahoma and with conventional loans to have mortgage insurance.

In order to better understand Owasso conventional loans, it is important to understand its definition. The definition of conventional loans is very simple: they are mortgage loans that are offered by non-government-sponsored institutions or lenders. The loans are good if someone wants to do business with a non-government sponsored organization. You can find other loans out there that are offered through organizations that are sponsored by the government. Contact our team to learn more information about non-government sponsored lenders.

Is important to remember that Owasso conventional loans are more reliant on your FICO score than anything else when factoring your interest rate. If your FICO score is higher, than the overall interest rate of your loan will be lower. The lower your FICO score is, the higher your monthly interest rate will be. This is because when you have a low FICO score it reflects poor credit history. Poor credit history means that there is a history of missed payments, hard inquiries on your credit, and often means that there is higher levels debt than normal involved. All these factors contribute to making a person with a lower FICO score a higher risk for the lending institution.

As we’ve been discussing Owasso conventional loans, it is important to remember conventional conforming loans. These are loans whose value is less than $417,000. Conventional conforming loans are perfect for someone who is buying a home below this price. If you would like to learn more information about Owasso Conventional loans, then give our team a call today. You can reach our team by dialing the number provided on our website.


Our Owasso conventional loans allow for people to either have a fixed or adjustable interest rate. Adjustable interest rate means that your rate could adjust over time based upon the market conditions. With an adjustable rate, the rate will often start lower, but has a risk of increasing higher than what you expected to pay if the conditions of the market changes to the worst. A fixed rate may be a little bit higher interest rate, but will not change over time. If you’re looking to have a consistent payment amount where you always know the amount that you’ll be required to pay, then a fixed rate may be right for you.


Is important to remember that conventional loans do not adhere to the local or state mandated guidelines. This information is provided by federal government institutions. These institutions primarily include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have set the guidelines that conventional and conforming mortgage loans adhere to. There may different factors that go into this,that can be difficult understand. In order to help you understand, our team would love the help you today.


Our conventional loans offer four different term amortization schedules. The first term is a 10-year term which means that you have higher monthly payments but pay off your loan faster. We also offer a 15-year term in which you have to pay a little more in monthly payments but it will take five years longer to pay off your loan. After a 15-year amortization schedule, the term jumps to a 25-year amortization schedule. The last term that we offer is a 30-year amortization schedule. This is good if you are confident that you’ll remain in your home for the next 30 years or want the lowest level of monthly payments possible.


These Owasso conventional loans are the only type of loans it can be used when purchasing a second home or an investment property. It is important to remember that the loans are perfect if you like to invest in a new property or purchase second home. Most states including Oklahoma actually requires these loans if you’re going to do either these things. As always, please give our team a call to better understand the different aspects of factors that go into the loans. You can pick up the phone and dial 918-274-1519 today to learn more.


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